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From: Justin Kase
Subject: Re: Chad and Jeremy's little bro - PART 13Of all Chad's friends who would have anything to do with me, Mike was the
closest friend I had. I think I was probably closer to Mike than Mike and
Chad. We were able to coattail on several trips Mike got to take with his
family and I often felt like Mike invited Chad just so I would go. I didn't
mind that at all. I did very much like being with Mike.He was the gentlest of all the boys we hung out with. Probably minimodel nonude
the richest
as well. His hands were soft as well as the touch from them. He had
wonderful skin, especially on his face. When almost everyone else was
battling zits, little model xxx
Mike was smooth and clear, for the most part. It was a
little hard to believe as he was also the biggest mess. His hair would fly
all around, a big curl would appear over his fore head just after he combed
it. His clothes were newer than most but would end up with huge rips in
them, and he seemed to never know why. Well, he would walk by an old rusted
out pickup truck and it would snag his pant leg, or something like that.
His clothes were also freshly washed but he could amass stains and food in
no time. He was always the one who would tuck his shirt inside his
underwear. But he could also look so fine and clean when he did clean up.
I can say I loved him any way he appeared.On hot summer days, when the swamp coolers or evaporative coolers could just
not tame the intense heat, I would end up at Mike's. He had the only good
air conditioning of the people who would let me in. We kept the house dark
during the day, light bending around the edges of curtains and seeping
through the blinds. It grils top model made it an even better place to escape to, out of
the sun and into our own world.Big ice filled pitchers of red Kool-aid were always available. The red
liquid would stain our lips and tongues and even our shirts, or more likely
our chests. In the summers, I carried my shirt more often than wore it. I
had to have it to be able to run into the 7-11's and such. If I wasn't in
my swim suit, I might have a pocket to stuff it in. Then at Mike's, we
would toss off our young teeneage model shirts and shorts, insisting that it was so much cooler
to lay around in nothing but undies or a swimsuit.We were both on the floor, watching Match Game or some silly ass game show,
waiting for the cartoons to come on. We watched both categories just
because that's what was on. Game shows were too boring and we were too old
for cartoons. Actually Woody Woodpecker was still pretty dadgum funny.
Anyway, we were down to the bare minimum on clothing, me in just an old
black stretchy (and stretched out) swimsuit, Mike in his undies. We were in
our best position, Mike sideways to the TV and me with my head on his
stomach. On long trips and days that we would hang at the park, I would
often end up in that position. It was just something with his breathing and
the rise and fall of his stomach that I got very very used to.And I did love it because I was only inches from his undies and what was
inside. I loved the smell coming from there too. Or really the smells,
sometimes it was the clean smell of soap from the shower, or even models littel Yucca Dew
shampoo. Mike was the only boy I knew who always shampooed his pubic hair.
The heavy aroma of musk would come through the thin cotton cloth. It was a
thick aroma that filled my nose and I breathed even deeper to catch all I
could. It was that great odor that comes only from teen boys. And then
that day, the smell of cum was with it. That sharp acrid, chloroxy smell.
If I had any doubt what the smell was, there was clear evidence right in
front of my face.Right in front of the bulge created by his dick, were several stains, dried
and stiff, slightly yellowed. I don't know if he jacked in his undies, only
pulled them down slightly and didn't far enough, or had the wet dreams he
claimed he had. By this time, ebony top models Mike and I had enough adventures and were
close enough that I could reach over and feel the stains. I liked how the
dried cum would stiffen the cloth. And speaking of stiffening, each little
scratch or stroke of my finger would cause a stiffening of his russian nn models dick inside
his undies. I could do a few scratches and get quite a rise, and also feel
it in his breathing. I kept him at something less than a boner for awhile,
until we got into the TV cartoons. Then I got to watch his balls jiggle and
bounce and he laughed at Woody torment some poor stupid bear.Then Mike said that we needed to go take a shower. I was cool with that.
The few times we had showered together had meant that I got all felt up,
played with and eventually sucked. I followed Mike down the hall to his
room, he pulled off his undies as he went, I wanted the hall to have a
little more light, I wanted to see his butt and hole as he bent over. I
pushed my swim suit down, letting it slide down with every shuffle step I
took until it fell to my angel teen model ankles. I was naked and hard by the time I entered
his bathroom.Mike started the water and told me I was pretty rank smelling. He sniffed
my underarms, I held each arm up so he could get a good whiff. He sniffed
near my butt, turning me slightly by putting his hands on my hips. And he
sniffed right close to my dick and balls. He issued a sexs model report, "nasty".He kept his hands on my hips and stood up, we eased up closer to each other.
The tips of our boners touched and I felt the electricity of that bolt up
through me. The more we touched, the more the blood in my body. My eyes
stayed on his smile and his eyes. I was even shaking with anticipation. I
leaned in and our chests touched, the warmth from his body warmed my skin.
Then he directed me into the shower.We took turns rubbing soap over each other. Our chests, arms, and legs got
very clean. My legs were spread as Mike soaped up my balls and dick. I
certainly made sure there wasn't a bit of dirt on his dick. And I rinsed
his balls of any residue of soap. He shampooed my hair, my eyes closed, my
body swaying slightly with the movements of amy kane model his hands. I could feel his
clean dick press into my belly. My dick flopped against his leg. I could
feel his pubes against the tip of my dick. As he rinsed out the shampoo,
his rhythm created a humping motion of my dick against him. I was ready for
him to continue that for a while.Then he handed me the bottle of Yucca Dew, and got down on his knees in
front of me. I was only a couple of inches shorter than Mike, I could have
reached his head easily, but beutiful models nude
he knelt down to provide me with access to his
head, and his head access to my dick. He caught the water coming off my
dick with his tongue, let my dick thump against his cheeks. I loved the
feeling of all that clean wet skin touching and sliding against skin.Mike got up and picked up the soap again. This time he was making sure my
stinky old butthole was as clean as can be. He scrubbed me from the front,
my balls enjoying the attention. He had me turn and bend. The soap entered
my tight little hole just enough to make me pucker, my balls rising up with
that touch. I had never been that clean down there since the day that
Jeremy had changed my diaper with the waterhose in the back yard.We stayed in the shower long enough that the hotwater was all consumed and
we were shivering from the cold water that sprayed out. I think Mike
finally noticed when my lips turned blue from the cold. He turned off the
water and we stepped out. I looked for a towel but instead Mike just turned
me around by the shoulder. I looked at us in the mirror, I liked the image
of the two of us standing there naked, and hard.Mike sat on the edge of the tub, slid his hands to my waist, a caress of my
butt and then he said he wanted to try something. He told me to spread my
legs and sit down on him. I sat down a little faster than what he was
expected and fell on the ls models group floor, busting my ass. Through the laughter, he
had me try again. His left hand guiding my by the waist, his right hand on
his dick, guiding that to my hole.I felt the tip of his dick press into my butthole, it hurt just from that.
I really wanted to do it but wasn't sure I could stand it. Mike's dick was
much thinner than Jeremy's and that had made it inside of me, I wanted to
try it. Mike pulled me down a little more, I felt like I was filled with
his dick and then I felt the ridge of the head of his dick jump inside of
me. I felt stretched out, that burning feeling, and I was just about
paralyzed, I couldn't move if I wanted to. Mike was pinching the skin on my
sides. He pulled me down easy, each inch of his dick filling my ass, buring
and hurting but I couldn't stop. I let him slide all the way in me, I felt
his pubes right up against my hole. When Mike started bouncing, I had to
reach back and hold him so he would stop. I could feel my hole flexing and
relaxing.I started moving myself, it felt much better if I was sliding on his dick.
Mike was feeling great, moans, and grunts, and little squeals. I got eased
up enough that I was bouncing, but it did feel so much better if I went slow
and let his dick press against the front of my hole. I could feel that from
the base of my dick to the tip.Then Mike asked me to nissan models get up, slowly, to keep him in me. We walked the
couple of feet to the sink counter. Each step got me harder, his dick
moving inside me. I leaned face down on the cold sink counter. We got the
height worked out so that there was no kink in his dick, it was a straight
shot up my chute. Mike began pumping my hole, getting harder and faster as
he went. huge models tgp
He balls swung back bikini model desktop
and forth and slapped against mine. I felt
like I was going to cum for several preeteen model photo minutes. I could fitness models
feel the precum coming
out of my dick in long strings. nudity models Adhering to my legs and pulling out of the
tip of my dick. I was drooling and trying anything grils top model to catch my breath.
Snot was coming out of my nose. My heart was pounding. I put less and less
weight on my feet, I was becoming suspended between the counter and Mike's
boner.Mike barely broke rhythm, but I could feel my ass fill with hot cum. I was
amazed to feel each shot as it flashed through his dick. I felt russian nn models the cum all
the way as it travel through his dick. I couldn't believe just how well I
could feel each strand of his cum enter my ass. Mike finished with a couple
of hard pushes of his hips and then collapsed on top of me.When he stood up, he back up so slowly, the feel of his dick sliding slowly
out of me was such a teasing and good feeling. His limp dick just plopped
out of me and left my hole contracting like it was trying to gobble his dick
back in. My balls were metart sample models
full, aching for release. My dick was twitching
with each beat of my heart. There was no waiting for what Mike would do
next. I started jacking hard and fast. Mike's hand took over, he had a
ragged rhythm from that angle but quickly spun me around. He was jacking me
and pulling me close to him. My butt became smeared with the residue left
on his dick. It wasn't long at all before I was shooting my cum, letting it
fly over the floor.There was a little heat built up in the shower when we hopped back in to
wash up. It was a quicker and more efficient wash but I made sure his dick
was really clean.All the rest of the day, I kept feeling my butthole. It teen model swimwear seemed so smooth,
clean, and big. The tight little pucker was gone. I pulled my cheeks open
to feel the cool air hit my hole. As I angel teen model
was going to sleep that night, I had
a finger feeling the enlarged opening. I was even a little disappointed
when I woke up the next morning with a cute little pucker.Mike never did things without paying it back . . .* * * * * * *
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